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Subscription Management was built to meet the increasing need for managing subscriptions and recurring sales invoicing.

Once the app is installed, you will have easy access through a special Subscriptions menu. From this menu you can manage all your Customer Subscriptions, including necessary setups.

In the standard version you create Customer Subscriptions which enables you to register multiple subscriptions to each customer to be collected on a regular basis. The subscriptions can be based on G/L Accounts, Items or Resources and Collection Dates and Collection Intervals can be defined for each subscription.

In the premium version you can also create your own Subscription Items, Subscription Types and Subscription Item Groups, to make creation of customer subscriptions even faster and more consistent.

Subscription Management Setup

When you activate the app, you are guided to the few necessary setups. The setups are mainly No. Series and a few extra features, and you will be guided to the setup that fits your company.

In the premium version you are now ready to setup your Subscription Items, Subscription Types and maybe Subscription Item Groups. You can use Subscription Items and Subscription Item Groups together or separately. It is up to you and your needs. The use of Subscription Types is also voluntary.

Subscription Types

Subscription Types are a simple way to categorize your different subscription items and you can create all the types you need. Subscription Types can be used for sorting or filtering.

Subscription Items

A Subscription Item is an alias for an existing G/L Account, Item or Resource to which you can set up some initial values like Subscription Type, Description, Invoicing interval, Quantity and Price. You can also add Subscription Item Prices in different currencies and set up descriptions in different languages to suit your customers.

When you have finished the creation of the Subscription Item you activate it, and it is now ready for use on Customer Subscriptions.

Subscription Item Groups

Subscription Item Groups are nice to use, if you often sell a package of different items or services. You can use them to build your own group or package of services or items to sell.

The Subscription Item Group can consist of

  • Any Subscription Items you may have created
  • Lines of text that you want to be included in the invoicing
  • Or simply enter a line of the type G/L Account, Item or Resource

If you enter a Subscription Item the line will automatically be filled in with the details from the Subscription item, such as price, invoicing interval etc. If you do not enter a Subscription Item, you will have to fill in these details yourself for each line.

Customer Subscriptions

Whether you use Subscription Items or not, you can create a Customer Subscription. Just make sure your customer exists or create it. Select the customer in the Customer Subscription Card.

A Customer Subscription Card looks almost like a regular Sales Invoice. When you enter the customer, all information from the customer card is transferred to the header, such as posting groups, payment methods etc. You can change the information in the subscription card, if required.

After that you just enter the lines (= subscriptions), that should be invoiced as part of the Customer Subscription.

If you have the standard version of Subscription Management you can enter the G/L Account, Item or Resource and for each line you must enter a:

  • Start Date – The first date from which the subscription is active
  • Invoicing Interval – How often should it be invoiced
  • Quantity – Which quantity should be invoiced
  • A Unit of Measure – Which unit of measure should be used
  • Unit Price – The price to be invoiced
  • One-time Invoicing – If the line should be invoiced only once

If you have the premium version, you can also enter Subscription Items or select a Subscription Item Group.

In stead of entering Type and No., just enter or select the Subscription Item and the information of Start Date, Invoicing Interval etc. will be filled in automatically.

You can also select a Subscription Item Group to insert a range of Subscription Lines.

Everything line will be filled in automatically with the information from the Subscription Item Group.

When you have finished to fill in the Customer Subscription Card, you must Activate it, to be able to invoice it.

If you need to change an active Customer Subscription, you must Open it for changes:

You can also Inactivate the Customer Subscription, this will stop any invoicing of the Customer Subscription Card.

Invoicing Customer Subscriptions

You can invoice the specific Customer Subscription at once, if requested:

Or you can invoice it in a batch process together with other Customer Subscriptions:

When you create invoices, you must enter Posting and Document Date and Next Invoicing Date of the Customer Subscription Lines, you want to invoice. You can also enter additional filters.

The invoice is created based on the information in the Customer Subscription and can be posted like a regular invoice.

You can add new lines to the invoice, but you cannot change the lines regarding the Customer Subscription.

When the invoice is posted, the Customer Subscription will be updated according to the Latest Invoicing Date and the Invoicing Interval, and it will be ready for the next Invoicing.

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